website redesign case study




Lothian Paving LTD: an Edinburgh company specializing in driveway construction, paving, hard landscaping and garden design.



Problem and solution


Out of date website, negligible leads from the website, 85% bounce rate


I have designed a modern, clear website layout from scratch, while retaining the company logo and colour scheme. Thanks to visually attractive graphics and interesting video the bounce rate dropped by 40%.






Complicated page menu, difficult to find information


The old website had 26 menu links which caused problems for the visitors trying to pick the right option. The service list was particularly bloated with 12 services.


The new menu structure uses grouping and has only 9 top-level links, of which 5 are services. The services were consolidated into 5 logical sections on the basis of an analysis of what search terms potential customers use.




Graphics-heavy presentation of services, accompanied by a hard-to-read text lacking meaningful content, in poor English


The text has been rewritten from scratch in native British English by my associate copywriter. It now uses the language of benefits and includes Google-friendly keywords. This has not only has led to increased conversions but improved the website's ranking in Google's search results. Clear layout and easy to read font make the content easier to  understand.




Lack of SEO


I carried out keywords analysis, and used its results to revise the names of sub-pages and headers. Now, Google understands better what each page is about.




Organic traffic from Google under 50 users / month


It's still too early to speak about complete success, but at the time of writing organic traffic has increased to 450 users per month. I am expecting around 3,000 visitors after a few months of optimization.




Poor quality of photos


Correct preparation and compression of images has yielded the expected results. The photos are brighter and clearer. I have also prepared versions of photos optimized for retina screens.


Very high page load time at around 8-20 seconds


The new, optimized page code + image compression have resulted in a page load time under 2 seconds. Google crawlers are much happier now.




Website inaccessible in peak hours


Change of hosting provider from the previously used American company to fast webbay cloud SSD servers with guaranteed 99.98% uptime means the website does not slow down in peak times any more.




Problems with email delivery – most of sent mail either went to spam or returned with messages about delivery problems.


I have cleared the domain from spam mailing lists and removed it from the Yahoo blacklist, which solved the issue with email being flagged as spam and with delivery to Yahoo, Sky and BT systems. The email has also been migrated to Google's Gsuite service.




The website has been hacked twice in the last five years


Unfortunately, everything can be hacked but getting rid of CMS Joomla means it's very unlikely to happen now.



Very pleasant experience working with Maciej, the company's owner and a result: another successful website.


Maciej noticed a significant increase in customer queries using the website contact form in the first week after the new website launch. The site's position in Google rankings is also improving gradually, despite the fact that it is not yet being actively optimized.





Customer's feedback


Michał is a true professional, up to date with the latest industry trends. He knows how to advise and explain his strategy in detail. He’s really a man of his word and excellent at keeping deadlines. I am a perfectionist, so I can be a difficult client, but Michał fulfilled his brief without any major difficulties. I am looking forward to working with him in the future and I can recommend him to others without reservations

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