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Hi, My name is Michal. I help businesses grow and succeed every day - this is my job. However, I only work with people who are willing to change the way they operate. People who realise that there is no overnight success.

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I speak Polish, English and fluent Google

Wondering if you need a website? Want to improve your Google ranking?
Want to be on the first page of search results? Want more visitors at your website and more inquiries from potential customers? Yes? Yes again? I can help.

You probably know a good website is crucial for a business nowadays. If you don’t have a good website, it’s no wonder customers can’t find you! And I mean a GOOD one, one that not only looks pretty, but will help customers find you, contact you and buy your products or services.

" Steve Jobs said that Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. This is as true for website design as for phones and laptops. In fact, even more so. "

I am a freelance web designer. I will build you a website your customers will love. If you hire me to create your site, you can be sure that I will not use a template, but hand design a custom website that will work for YOUR business. But this can’t be done in few hours.

Sure, you can buy a website that will cost you a few quid, and will be ready in couple of days. But it will be done on a clunky template, almost certainly by someone working two continents away, with little or no knowledge of your market. Website design is like constructing a modular building.

You need solid structural foundations and clear design principles, otherwise you won’t be able to add new rooms, and your visitors won’t feel happy there. Tailor-made projects, individual approach and an analysis of your local market niche take time. And a little bit more money.

Is managing your website a real pain? Is it embarrassingly out of date? Failing to bring much custom?

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I am passionate about web design. Edinburgh has been my home for 12 years. I came here in 2005 and fell in love with this beautiful city. Now it’s in my heart, not far behind Kasia, my wife of 15 years, and our little girls Emma and Maya.

I am Polish. If this is a problem for you - don’t get in touch.

If you are concerned about language issues, that’s perfectly reasonable. But you don’t need to worry: my English is good enough to communicate with my clients and work out every detail. Also, if you need copy for your website, or want to have your own material reviewed, I work with native speaker copywriters, just like the one who polished up this very text.

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